Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ms. Moriarty's Class Sings "Black Socks"

Fourth grade classes continue to practice singing in harmony with rounds.  Ms. Moriarty's class demonstrates singing "Black Socks" in unison as well as a four part round.

Singing in unison
Singing in a four part round.

Ms. Jakowlew's Third Grade Class Sings "Rum Sum Sum."

The third graders have been practicing singing songs in a round.  Singing in a round involves singing in teams.  Each team sings the same song beginning at different times.  At first rounds can sound more like noise than music to students, but as their ears and brains become used to hearing rounds they will begin to hear the beautiful music that they create.

Here is Ms. Jakolowlew's class performing "Rum Sum Sum" in unison.  By using familiar words that also begin with "uni" (unicorn, unified, unicycle) we discovered that unison means to sing together as one group.

"Rum Sum Sum" in unison
Third grade classes also practiced sing "Rum Sum Sum" as a round in two, three and four parts.
"Rum Sum Sum" as a four part round

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mrs. Cushing's 2nd Grade Class Sings the "East Hills School Song"

Mrs. Cushing's 2nd Graders have done an amazing job celebrating their East Hills pride by learning our school song.  Enjoy!

(Please note that when I post through my YouTube account all videos are marked as "unlisted."  That means that I have the ability to share them with you through this site but they cannot be viewed on YouTube.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

East Hills School Song!

Dear 2nd Graders,
Here are the lyrics for the East Hills School Song!  Have a great time singing it at home!:)

East Hills School Song

There’s a great place in Roslyn,
It’s called the East Hills School.
We’re the young generation, America’s future,
Our teachers are really cool.

As we walk through our halls
With our minds open wide,
It’s the East Hills School,
That makes our faces beam with pride.

Respect and honesty,
Values that we learn.
This is how it’s meant to be,
‘Cause we are the East Hills family,
We are the East Hills family.

Peace and love and harmony,
This is our true test,
Building friendships to last a lifetime,
Roslyn Bulldogs are the best.

Respect and honesty,
Values that we learn.
This is how it’s meant to be,
‘Cause we are the East Hills family,
We are the East Hills family.

 East Hills School.
East Hills School.
East Hills School.
East Hills School.


5th Grade Song Writing Contest!

As we spoke about during your music classes, we are having a SONG WRITING CONTEST!  Use the rules I gave you to help you create an amazing winter themed variation of our old friend "Hayride." 

Some 5th graders told me that it would be helpful to not just have the lyrics of "Hayride" (which are on the contest rules sheet too) but to also have access to the melody.  Here are two videos: the first is Part 1 of "Hayride," the second video is part 2.  I hope they are helpful as you create your winter variations!

I am so excited to read and sing your variations.  Please have your songs to me by October 14, 2014 so there is time to choose the winning variation as well as teach the winning song to the 5th grade chorus to perform at the Winter Concert!

"Hayride"  Part 1
"Hayride" Part 2

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

4th and 5th Grade Chorus for this School Year

Welcome back to a brand new year at East Hills School!   I am so excited to be soon beginning our chorus rehearsal with 4th and 5th graders.   If you are interested in singing in chorus this year please fill out and return the bottom portion of the letter that your classroom teacher will (or has!) given you.  This will ensure that I have enough copies of the music for all interested students.

5th Grade Chorus will meet on Wednesday mornings beginning Wednesday, September 24.
4th Grade Chorus will meet on Thursday mornings beginning Thursday, October 2.  

All rehearsals begin at 8:10 AM.  Drop off is at the cafeteria door.  The doors will open at 8:05.

If you need to take the bus to our chorus rehearsal please call transportation at 801-5190 for information.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year of making music!