Monday, December 1, 2014


Through hard work in both participation and effort during this school year, Mrs. Hutt's 4th grade class earned a music game day.  Students had the opportunity to visit different game stations around the music room to practice skills in rhythm, note reading, recorder as well as math, reading and working cooperativiely with their team.

A game formerly known as "Fraction Fortress" helps students experience how rhythm and fractions are related.

"Recorder Tic Tac Toe" gives students the opportunity to practice sight reading four beat patterns on their recorders.

After a student plays a measure of music on their recorder they can throw a (magnetic) dart to earn points.

In "Rhythm Bowling" each pin has a rhythmic value.  Using their knowledge of note values students tally up how many beats they were able to knock down.

Friday, November 21, 2014

3rd Grade- "I'm Gonna Eat"

Thank you to Ashley Johnson in Mrs. Alter's class for suggesting this song for our music room web site!

Monday, November 17, 2014

3rd Graders: Side Step

3rd Graders- A&B Blues

Tum Balalaika- The correct video!!

Alicia pointed out to me that one of the earlier videos was incorrect.  Somewhere Over the Rainbow was posted instead of Tum Balalaika!  Here is the correct video!  Thank you, Alicia!  And thank you Jaid for pointing out that I thanked the wrong person.  Or was that Alicia too....?  :)

All County Videos for Hine Ma Tov

In the videos, as we practiced on Monday, I sang all syllables as "lai" or "la."  We can add in lyrics once we have learned the melody.  The recording begins at the top of page three and stops at the end of the song.
Hine Ma Tov- Soprano
Hine Ma Tov- Alto